What to expect during a session.

What are the sessions like?
You may sit, lie or stand in any comfortable position during your CranioSacral Therapy session. Generally, sessions begin with you lying on your back on the soft surface of a massage table.

CranioSacral Therapy is a whole-body treatment. Work may be done at the feet, the head, the fingers, or even in the mouth (with gloves). Mouth work can be key to releasing restrictions in the cranium, and is surprisingly relaxing and welcome.

You may be invited to "sink into your body", to feel the weight of it and the table rising to support it. One of the gifts of a CST session is developing your ability to feel again. So when Liz says, "sink in", feel deeply and quietly with all your senses. Lower the volume of the mind, and allow your other, highly evolved senses do some work.

What will it feel like?
CST is a manual therapy and it employs a gentle, light touch. Most clients find CST to be deeply relaxing.

During the course of a session, as restrictions are released in your tissues, you may feel any of a variety of sensations: heat or cold, a pulse or tremor, a feeling of fullness in the area - and sometimes pain. The pain of release is often familiar but duller than you've known it.

What can I expect afterward?
Very often people report sleeping well the night after a CST session. You may also find that you feel patterns releasing in your body over the course of a couple days post-session. Any given CST session begins a process that will be continued in your body, in your way.

How can I prepare for a session?

  1. Wear comfortable, flexible clothing for your sessions. Avoid tight or restrictive clothing.
  2. As with any kind of bodywork, be sure you've taken care of yourself.
  3. Eat within the couple hours before your session. (Best not to be hungry or stuffed!)
  4. Prepare to relax. If you're stuck in traffic, better to practice mindful meditation in the car than stress out about a few minutes.
  5. Set a strong internal intention to explore the path you are on and welcome its gifts.

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