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Your body may express the impact of life's blows on physical, chemical, visceral, emotional, and structural levels. Thankfully, you have an incredible capacity to adapt to whatever life brings and compensate. At the center of all this — the man behind the curtain if you will — is the Central Nervous System (CNS).

CranioSacral Therapy talks to the man behind the curtain.

For some, the effects of trauma are immediately evident, but the pathway to feeling better is unclear. For others, compensating patterns in the body can stave off symptoms for years.

What does it take to release restrictions and dysfunctional patterns? Movement is essential. Nutrition certainly helps. A good laugh goes a long way. And sometimes it takes a little something more to propel us back into balance.

Bodywork is a great way to connect our rational minds with our fluid, intuitive bodies and practice that connection over time. It's the goal of your practitioner to facilitate your healing processes, working structurally, energetically, and cognitively with restrictions in the body.

As a result of this work...
You may feel relief from pain, sleep better, experience more creative energy, emanate a sense of deep calm, become aware of a deeper sense of self or purpose, or feel a sense of ease walking through life.

You will find this work especially worth it if...
You are committed to learning and healing, ready to hear your body in a new way, and open to healing on multiple levels.

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